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What do we do?

We are a financial advisory company serving retail companies and individuals of high net worth. We strive to be the best at what we do while keeping our clients’ best interests in our focus all the time. At Intellistocks, we have never rested on our laurels for long because evolving as a business is our primary motive.

Why are we the right choice?

A team of seasoned professionals with diverse and complementary skill sets and experiences have created our process. Furthermore, our Chief Investment Advisor (SEBI Registered) has spent 8+ years at S&P Global Market Intelligence, a globally recognized institution and is considered a name to reckon with in the investment business.

Rs.68Reco Price

Rs.109.85 Still Holding

61.54% ReturnsIn just 8.43 months

Rs.70Reco Price

Rs.175.1 Still Holding

150.14% ReturnsIn just 9.47 months


Rs.77Reco Price

Rs.147.55 Still Holding

91.62% ReturnsIn just 6.07 months

Rs.44Reco Price

Rs.82 Exit Price

86.36% ReturnsIn just 4.57 months

Rs.144Reco Price

Rs.249.3 Still Holding

73.13% ReturnsIn just 9.00 months

Rs.782Reco Price

Rs.1225 Exit Price

56.65% ReturnsIn just 5.9 months


Rs.87Reco Price

Rs.133 Exit Price

52.87% ReturnsIn just 3.5 months

Rs.283Reco Price

Rs.412.65 Still Holding

45.81% ReturnsIn just 9.27 months


Rs.173Reco Price

Rs.259Still Holding

49.71% ReturnsIn just 10.07 months


Rs.86.5Reco Price

Rs.130.55 Still Holding

50.92% ReturnsIn just 6.73 months

Rs.76Reco Price

Rs.226.95 Still Holding

198.62% ReturnsIn just 9.73 months

Our investment approach is a combination of an insightful philosophy with a meticulous and disciplined process.

how we create wealth

  • Indian Stock Universe 4000+

    We start by Screening 4000+ Indian Stocks on the basis of various parameters.

  • Investable Stocks

    We incorporate and utilize diversified investing tools for real-time market intelligence across all Indian listed companies. Stocks with insignificant market capitalization that are below our screening levels are eliminated, reducing the investable universe to 800-900 stocks.

  • Quantitative Screening

    Application of significant Quantitative filters further reduces stock universe to 250-300 companies that have a solid track record or the companies that we believe have the ability to turnaround in the future. These companies become a part of our core list.

  • High conviction List

    We then further filter these companies based on valuation models to determine undervalued stocks based on intrinsic value approach and the companies that have a strong economic moat that will help them outperform its industry peers.

  • IntelliPortfolio 20-25

    Every Qualified stock is now ranked across the market as well as within its sector using the derived multi-factor models. We then generate a list of sector-specific and overall market rankings. Only the Top 30% stocks, that comes out to be around 20-25 stocks, qualify for the IntelliPortfolio and form the golden list of buy candidates based on risk vs. reward ratio.

  • Buy, Sell & Rebalance

    We believe that rebalancing the portfolio from time to time is as important as investing. It is importantto tap the Micro & Macro developments and keep track of key risk factors every day as it helps manage risk of the client portfolio and keeps the portfolio responsive to evolving trends and developments.

Market Beating Performance in 2016

  • Winning Percentage 88%
  • Risk VS Reward 1:28x
  • Average returns per Stock 59.1%
  • 200% + Returns 1 Stock
  • 100% + Returns 4 Stocks
  • 50% + Returns 16 Stocks

our Plans

Your Roadmap to Wealth



Our equity strategies and recommendations are structured to deliver a long-term, sustainable growth to our clients. We focus on companies with good fundamentals and foreseeable growth profiles complemented with sound balance sheets and solid cash flows

Starts at 12,000 Know More


By incorporating a diversified set of technical tools and instruments, our advisory team offers various buy and sell calls from time to time to tap on various opportunities that come our way to make money in the short run

Starts at 20,000 Know More


We believe that wealth preservation is as important as wealth creation. So for our client with an investment capital of Rs. 1 cr. or above, we design customised plans - the best investment strategies within defined risk bands

Exclusively by invite CONTACT US

The IntelliPromise

Intellistocks does not have a refund policy. However, as a commitment of Intellistocks to deliver value to its clients, Intellistocks shall refund you the entire subscription fee paid by you, subject to deduction of applicable taxes, in case you incur only loss during the entire subscription period. Any claim for such refund shall be entertained by Intellistocks only if it is sent to Intellistocks within 10 (Ten) days from the completion of the subscription period with supporting documents, as requested.

100%Money Back

GuidedEntry and Exit

Stock Reportswith Performance

DedicatedSuccess Manager

Real-TimeAlerts VIA Emsil and SMS

Intellistocks is among the 20 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants in India, as featured by Silicon India Magazine.


Whomever may be reading this I can also assure you, you are in the amazing hands of a man with impeccable ethics in a world otherwise driven by greed and deception. Franz Harary
World's the best Illusionist , USA

This is not the first time that they have been quick and decisive to conserve capital and focus on long term growth. Their stock picks are well researched and based on fundamental value. Veena Poojari
HNI Investor, Singapore.

I am fully satisfied with Intellistocks BUY and Exit Calls. They do the proper monitoring/Research and give the BUY and SELL call at correct time. Neeraj Mittal
Investor, Telenor | India.

I am more clear on how I can achieve my goals by investing correctly and in the right direction . Unlike other portfolio services, I strongly feel the difference Mahesh V.
Investor, India.

We help you reach immense wealth. Follow our leads backed by knowledge & Expertise.

IntelliTrade : Plans & Pricing Starter Plan
Duration: 3 Months
Smarter Plan
Duration: 12 Months
Fundamentally Strong Stocks 4-6 24-36
10% - 15% Return Potential per stock
Guided Entry and Exit
VIP User Access Area
Realtime Alerts Via Email / SMS
Actionable Articles
Stock Reports  
Dedicated Success Manager  
365 Days Money Back Guarantee  
*15% Taxes Extra 20,000 80,000 40,000

Small Step for Giant Growth

  • 12 best, index beating, fundamentally strong stocks. It's a low risk, high rewards strategy; ideal for investors who want to invest on a monthly basis
  • Monthly 1 Fundamentally Strong Stock
  • 50%+ Return Potential Per Stock
  • 12-18 Months Holding Period
  • Low Churn
  • Periodical Rebalancing
  • 2 Stocks Gave 50%+ Returns
  • 6 Stocks Gave 30%+ Returns
  • 91.7% Success Rate
  • Risk Vs Reward: 1:38.9x
  • 27.4 % Average Returns Per Stock
  • Highest Performer: Rec Ltd. 56.47%
  • Guided Entry & Exit
  • Stock Reports
  • starts from 16000

Smarter Choice for Long Term Investments

  • A moderate portfolio built from the stocks which pass our three step detailed scrutiny. Quant Ranking | Fundamental Selection | Long Term Growth Trajectory
    These Stocks are especially effective because they offer a strong margin of safety to sustain any macro issues, such as higher rates, inflation or a slowing economy, yet able to provide consistent returns.
  • Moderate Portfolio of 10-12 Stocks
  • 50%+ Return Potential Per Stock
  • 12-24 Months Holding Period
  • Low-Mid Churn
  • Twice a year Rebalancing
  • 1 Stock Gave 100%+ returns
  • 7 Stocks Gave 50%+ Returns
  • 76.5% Success Rate
  • Risk Vs Reward: 1:15.9x
  • Highest Performer: Datamatics 111.17%
  • Guided Entry & Exit
  • Stock Reports
  • Regular Articles
  • starts from 12000

Build a Strong Financial Future

  • This is the best of the best portfolio built from stocks which are high quality, low risk and with potential to deliver phenomenal returns.
    Every Game Changer stock is a unique situation, either this is disliked by market at the time of picking or it goes unnoticed. We identify fundamental changes, that drives them above the competition. These stocks can change fortunes.
  • Growth Portfolio of 18-24 Well Diversified Stocks
  • 100%+ Return Potential Per Stock
  • 12-24 Months Holding Period
  • Medium Churn
  • Quarterly Rebalancing
  • 4 Stocks Gave 100%+ returns
  • 12 Stocks Gave 50%+ Returns
  • 88% Success Rate
  • Risk Vs Reward: 1:28.8x
  • 59.1 % Average Returns Per Stock
  • Highest Performer: Vedanta Ltd. 262.50%
  • Guided Entry & Exit
  • Stock Reports
  • Regular Articles
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Complementary Existing Holding Review
  • starts from 20000