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  • We said it all...

    DO YOU REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

    on 8th April,Our CEO Pankajj Nijhawan

    had sent a sms to over 22000 traders/investors that

    Nifty will touch 7897 by October 2014.

    It has touched almost 7600 within 40 days!!!


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  • Profits

    Whether markets have Fallen or Risen, Our Subscribers have earned


    Pankajj Nijhawan's recommendations have given over 105% Annualised returns                     for this year too(10/03/14)

    Some of his performers of this year:Wockhardt up by 114%, Rcom up by 120%, BEML up by 222%, HCL up by 136%, CROMPTON up by 115%, L&T up by 92%, Aurobindo Pharma up by 214%, ADANI ENTERPRISES up by 220%

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  • Trading

    A Trading Set-up designed by Pankajj Nijhawan Which has been delivering 16%-18% avg ROI per month Still we would like to claim of 7%-8% only

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  • Super Performance

    Super Performance(Multibagger Regular Income)
    1st Multibagger(Regular Income) Jet Airways delivered 12% in 3 days, 2nd TVS Motors delivered 8% in 20 days and now 3rd one Spicejet is already up 16% and still holding in just 20 days.
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Rajesh Tambe



Rajesh Tambe, a market stalwart and a fundamental analyst in the market for the past 23 years, having done schooling in Delhi, Bachelors Degree & Post Graduate Degree in Management.You must have seen him on India's leading analyst hosted show " D Street Ka Don " on Zee Business. He also regulary features on Marathi & other hindi programmes. He has been featured in leading media like Zee,CNBC Awaaz,Bloomberg,NDTV,Radio 104.8,Dainik bhaskar and many others...

He is a widely traveled person who knows the industry from close encounters. The credit of which goes to his father who showed him the Steel Industry at the age of 16. The concept of Electric Ace Furnace & Blast Furnace, Sponge Iron was taught at the early age. He tracks all the emerging sector and has views not only on industry but also on political situations prevailing world wide. Mr.Tambe's goal is to provide foundation for understanding fundamental analysis, geared primarily at new investors who don’t know a balance sheet from income statement?

Aimed at keeping a more solid grasp for the language and concept behind analysis he helps in giving concrete knowledge without making the person feel totally lost in the market.Mr Tambe’s analysis is primarily based on company’s revenues growth, profit, its strong enough position to beat out it's competitors, the background of the promoters, and its ability to repay debts so as to make sure his investors become "WEALTH CREATORS".

With vivid interest in Hindustani classical music, he himself has learnt Tabla & Pukhavaj. In his young days given numerous programs on All India Radio – Delhi. A swimming champ of his times, he advices his investor to explore the hidden wealth in the deep ocean of the capital market, where the boundless oceans remains undiscovered before you.

His Advice For Investors
Stay invested in the market but the total investment in the equity market should not exceed 20% to 25 % of your total savings. The majority of the investment has to be in fixed assets like land & building & also gold. Also invest in health & life insurance where the risk cover is maximum & premium paid is least.That is good life insurance policy. By doing this you are creating equilibrium of saving & investment. Invest in companies which have strong fundamentals, promoters with a sound track record, and a fat balance sheet to earn fat amount for oneself.

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